One of the first sport climbing crags in Sweden. The routes were created in the eighties. There are several nice classic routes. The crag consists of firm coarse granite. Valstadsberget offers slab, vertical and slightly overhanging climbing. There are several challenging technical routes which seem easy at first sight. A crag suitable for beginners and organizing courses at. It has safely bolted routes. The crag is facing west and the sun reaches it after 11.00 a.m. in the summer. Dries slowly after heavy rain. It is imperative to bring mosquito-repellent in the summer as the crag is situated close to a small lake. The crag has 10 routes that are especially recommended.  See the ones marked with a star *.

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The crag is located about 13 km south of Västervik. Exit the E22 after the Verkebäck Bridge and drive west under the bridge at the sign. Drive towards Valstad for 2 km. The lake called Maren will be on your left. The crag is located in front of a small lake on your right. There is a small parking lot by a grey metallic box. Follow the path for 100 m and you will arrive at the crag.


To the parking lot:   16°30’16”O, 57°44’01”N


You can rent cottages at Tofvehult, phone +46490-26351 and at Live in Nature at Kallersnäs gård, phone +46768-513090, the closest camping is Lysingsbadet in Västervik, phone +46490-254850, cottages and camping at Risebo fritid, phone +46493-33046, Eight Little Homes Youth Hostel in Överum, phone +46493-30302, Camping KustCamp, phone +46493-10221


The closest grocery store, Närköp, is located in Gunnebo, 4 km from the crag. The closest petrol station is in Västervik. You can eat at ’Johnny’s Grill’ in Verkebäck by the E22.

Climbing centre

The climbing centre in Västervik is the main meeting point for climbers. It is located by the old water tower on Repslagargatan 5. There is free Wi-Fi internet access there. You can also borrow a computer and browse the internet for free. It is a place where you can meet, trade stories, read climbing magazines and watch climbing films. The latest information on climbing and other outdoor activities in the area is available there. There is also a climbing gym available, where you can climb and get to know other climbers. Call +46490-37466 for more information.